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Latest News & Events

A Confluence of Love, Peace and Joy in Dindigul

A journey of less than 15 minutes from the Dindigul Junction through the rural countryside opens up a path to a different world. A world dominated by innocence and purity. As we reach closer to the destination a large Banyan tree serves as a landmark adjacent to which a narrow lane co...

Paasa Illam – Children Camp 2018

A Children camp was organized for the children of FLAME-PAASAM between 30th April to 11th May 2018. Various session and programs were planned as part of the camp schedule. The children were privileged to have sessions on Personality development, children parliament, art work, folk and...

Supply of Nutrition

Out of 597 infected persons 140-150 persons are receiving nutrition support from FLAME. Only the deserving infected persons who are living without the support of relatives, blood brothers and sisters and who can not physically do hard work any more receive our nutrition support. The n...


Br. Praveen Henry D Souza


Br. Xavier Durai Raj

About Us

FLAME (Franciscans Life Affirminig Movement for Empowerment) is a registered organization run by the Franciscans in India. Its main focus is to serve the HIV/AIDS infected and affected people including the children. The organaization is situated in the district of Dindigul in Tamil Nadu and hence the service of FLAME is focused around 120 villages in and around the district of Dindigul. In the year 2007, the branch office of Sarvodaya Seva Sangha came into existence in Dindigul as a Franciscan response towards the increasing number of people getting infected by HIV/AIDS. Initially we started with 20 members in 2007 and later it increased to 430 in the year 2009. Now the total number of HIV infected persons registered under our organization is 639. We have eight staff members who are HIV positive themselves. Several years of continued focus on the prevention and control on the spread of epidemic evidentially has shown tangible effects in the increased level of awareness, attitude and practice among the people. As a pioneering organization, the rate of identification of HIV infected...

About Us


Important Events :

  • Empowerment Meeting and an Awareness Propagating Meeting to Commemorate World Aids Day
  • ( 30-11-2013 And 01-12-2013)
  • Christmas Gathering (21-12-2013 To 22-12-2013)
  • Pongal and Republic Day Celebration.


The Beneficiaries receive following benefits from the Organization:

Supply of Nutrition:

The total number of HIV infected persons registered in FLAME as of now is 639 (Men: 184 Women: 340; Children 48 (male: 15, female: 33).

Educational Support to the Children:

Every year nearly 150-160 HIV infected and affected children get educational support from FLAME. There children...

Vision & Mission


Our Mission is based on the ideas of Protection, Prevention, Empowerment and Transformation.


When his society considered the lepers as outcasts and untouchables, St. Francis of Assisi audaciously embraced and treated them with love, affection, dignity and brotherly care. We are called to do the same with our HIV/AIDS infected and affected brothers and sisters, who are the lepers of today, and transform our When his..

Angels for Our Cause

Since we are helping economically and socially stigmatised and disadvantaged people - we appeal for your assistance with contributions, donations in cash or kind.

You will be like an angel to all those that FLAME PAASAM centre can reach to, because of your help.

We will publish the list of all donors and their photographs for one year in our website.

Christmas Gathering